Cable Assemblies

Cables connect devices, sub-systems, equipment, etc., and are used in various applications and industries. These can be flexible, semi-rigid, corrugated, hand-formable, coaxial, fiber optic, etc. These facilitate quicker and easier installation, reliability, and improved performance. 

Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables are network cables that facilitate high-speed network connections between two devices. It connects devices such as PCs, routers, and switches within a wired network and transmits data signals over optical or electrical wires.   

These cables have connectors at both ends that help plugging into the ethernet ports of devices.

We are one of the leading Ethernet cable service providers; we offer different categories of Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables in various sizes, colors, and quality for high-quality installations by businesses to provide a high-speed internet connection to their subscribers.

Specialised Cable Assemblies​

Specialized cable assemblies are made with a specific purpose or application. Specialized cables have unique features such as:

-customized length, shape, color, or material

-customized connectors or terminals

-customized performance or quality

These cables are used in various industries due to their high performance, reliability, durability, and compatibility. 

We offer HDMI Cable, SMA/QMA, BNC to SMB, BNC to BNC cable assemblies, shielded/unshielded with PVC and PE insulation, and associated cable with multipin/D connectors 8/10/12/16 pair PCM Cables.

RF & Coaxial Cables​

RF cables carry radio frequency signals. These cables can be made with different types of wires or fibers. These cables have different frequencies and wavelengths and are used for purposes such as cable tv, internet, radio, cell phone boosters, etc. 

Coaxial cables are electrical cables made with copper conductors and surrounded by metal sheets and outer jackets. These are used in phone lines, cable tv, etc. These cables carry high-frequency signals with less interference. 

We offer you top-notch RF and coaxial cables specially designed to mitigate signal interference. We offer– 7/8”, 1/2” flex and super flex, and LMR 300/400 with associated RF Jumpers.  

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