CAT 6 Cables & Patch Cords

CAT 6 Cable

The twisted-pair cable was primarily developed for computer networks. This cable is also known as Ethernet cable. Almost all modern LAN computer networks use this cable. This cable consists of color-coded pairs of insulated copper wires. Every two wires are twisted around each other to form pair. Usually, there are four pairs. Each pair has one solid color and one stripped color wire. Solid colors are blue, brown, green, and orange. In stripped color, the solid color is mixed with the white color. Based on how pairs are stripped in the plastic sheath, there are two types of twisted-pair cable; UTP and STP.

In the UTP (Unshielded twisted-pair) cable, all pairs are wrapped in a single plastic sheath. In the STP (Shielded twisted-pair) cable, all pairs are seperated with cross filler & wrapped with an additional metal shield( Foil, polyster tape and braiding), then again all pairs are wrapped in a single outer plastic sheath. 

Patch Cords

Fiber patch cable, is a length of fiber cable that terminated with fiber optic connectors (LC, SC, MTRJ, ST and etc.) at each
end. The connectors allow fiber optic patch cord to be rapidly connected to an optical switch or other
telecommunications/computer device. Fiber jumper is a key player for indoor use, like in server rooms or in data centers.
Featuring excellent reliability, superior adaptability, and improved security, fiber patch cord has ranked the best choice for
applications where conventional copper cables fail to reach.

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