Could Uniwave EV chargers be the smartest upgrade for your EV?

“The future is efficient with Uniwave EV chargers.”

As electric vehicles continue to reshape the revolution of sustainable transportation, the demand for cutting-edge charging solutions has never been shorter. EV chargers are at the forefront of this change towards a greener future, and Uniwave is leading the pack with its innovative EV chargers.

The electric vehicle charging in India is set for a dramatic shift, as indicated by findings from Customized Energy Solutions and the India Energy Storage Alliance. Projections suggest a rapid annual growth rate of 65%, aiming to achieve a staggering 3 million charger units by 2030.This growth will be driven by government initiatives and private investments. 

Curious to know why Uniwave EV chargers can be the smartest upgrade for your vehicle?

Compact designs

Compact designs make Uniwave EV chargers an ideal upgrade for E-rickshaws and two-wheelers. These chargers take up minimal space while delivering maximum efficiency. These chargers allow for effortless installation in confined space.

The spaces being garages, parking lots, or dedicated charging stations. Their small footprint ensures that they can fit seamlessly into any environment, whether a bustling urban area or a more confined space.

Rapid charging capabilities

Imagine the convenience of charging your vehicle overnight and waking up to find it fully charged and ready for the day ahead. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Rapid charging capabilities are another standout feature of Uniwave chargers, further solidifying them as a smart charging solution for e-rickshaws and two-wheelers. These chargers deliver fast and efficient charging. They have the capability to fully charge your vehicle in just 8 hours.

Versatile range

Uniwave EV chargers cater to diverse battery capacities, providing effortless compatibility with a wide selection of electric vehicle models. Uniwave offers chargers for versatile 18 Amp 48 Volt to the reliable 18 Amp 60 Volt and the high-performance 40 Amp 51.6 Volt options. Your EV charging needs are met with our precise and flexible solutions.


In addition to their compact design and rapid charging capabilities, Uniwave EV chargers offer user-friendly features. These allow easy control and monitoring of the charging process. Advanced systems also enable remote monitoring, giving you peace of mind and control over your charging status from anywhere.

Ready to make an eco-conscious choice?

Uniwave chargers offer an effective route to sustainability. Make the switch to our state-of-the-art chargers for quick and convenient charging and contribute to a cleaner world. Bid farewell to fossil fuels and usher in the era of sustainable transportation with Uniwave by your side.

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