EV Chargers 

Electric vehicle chargers, often referred as EV chargers, are equipment designed to provide the necessary electric power for replenishing the battery energy of electric vehicles (EVs). These devices play a vital role in ensuring that EV owners can recharge their vehicle’s battery, enabling them to continue their journeys with a renewed power source.

Establishing and implementing a strong and easily accessible EV charging network plays a pivotal role in encouraging the uptake of electric vehicles and mitigating the emission of greenhouse gases from transportation.

Unicel has state-of-the-art electric chargers tailored for both 2-wheeler and E-rickshaws. These cutting-edge charging solutions address the unique needs of electric bikes, scooters, and three-wheeled vehicles, providing efficient and convenient charging options for individual users, commercial fleet operators, and public charging networks. With the convenience of smart charging and safety protocols managed, Unicel offers the comfort of fast charging to lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. 

Why delay any further? Embrace electric vehicles today and bid farewell to concerns about charging infrastructure. Unicel introduces a solution that alleviates these worries. With remarkably efficient charging capabilities, Unicel presents the ultimate charging solution for your electric vehicle.

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