Optic Fibre & Patch Cords

Optic fiber cable is a thin strand of glass or plastic that is used to carry light signals. These cables facilitate low interference and high bandwidth.

These cables are used for various applications:



-cable tv 

Patch cords are short-length cables that have connectors at both ends. They connect devices in computer networks, patch panels, optical switches, etc. 

Single Mode Simplex & Duplex

Single-mode simplex cables facilitate one-way data transfer applications. These cables consist of single glass/ fiber and are designed to transmit light signals in one way. These cables can have different standards like OS1, OS2, G652D, G657A, etc. 

Single-mode Duplex cables consist of two glass/ fiber strands. These are designed to transmit signals in both directions. They have connectors at both ends that facilitate plugging into the fiber optic ports of devices. 

Multimode Simplex/Duplex

Multimode simplex cables are constructed in a zip-cord agreement and are often used for duplex communication. These are cables that use a 50-micron or 62.5-micron glass core. These facilitate the transformation of information using pulses of light. 

Multimode duplex cables connect network devices for premise installations, multimedia patch panels, military applications, etc.

Our multimode simplex and duplex cables are apt for bi-directional data transfer. 


Armoured cables protect from external forces such as rodents, moisture, impacts, etc:

Used for:

-underground systems 

-cable ducting 

-Submarine communication etc

These cables have different kinds of conductors and insulation like PVC etc. Unicel provides super-effective armored cable solutions for effective and efficient outdoor applications. 

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