Security & Surveillance

In-Building Security

Security cameras are the best in-building security solution. These can capture and record video footage inside or outside of the building and can help you identify intruders or suspects in case of any incident. 

  • Our CCTV solutions are most affordable in terms of accessibility from anywhere at any time.
  • These solutions provide high-resolution video quality that can capture clear and detailed images to help identify faces and objects easily and accurately.   
  • Customizable solutions: You can limit or expand the application of these solutions according to your specific requirements and preferences. There are various types of CCTV cameras, and software applications to choose from.  

Our state-of-the-art IP-based CCTV solutions with inbuilt audio and motion detectors are the best choice for 24×7 strict surveillance. We collaborate with a leading brand of high-definition CCTVs to offer you the best quality and performance in our surveillance portfolio. You can trust us for superior quality and high-performance surveillance solutions.  


Access Control Solutions

Access control solutions are security management systems that control who can enter or exit the building or specified areas. Under this system, various methods like passwords, cards, or biometrics are used. These access control solutions can help prevent unauthorized access for both commercial and domestic purposes. 

Access control solutions like cards and biometrics are very convenient and flexible as they enable the users to access the premises with a simple swipe and scan on the system.

These can be helpful for your business or home and increase the efficiency and productivity of your life with no hassle of keys, locks, and guards.

We offer premium solutions for restricting and managing unauthorized access in buildings with our best security management solutions. Our centralized security monitoring system helps ensure your safety and protection at its best.    

Fire Detection Systems

A fire detection system detects the presence of a fire in a building or area. It can help minimize the loss of life and property by providing early warning signals for precaution. 

At Unicel, we provide fire detection systems that meet your security needs. Our advanced fence-mounted sensors can detect any attempts to cut or climb the fence and alert you of any intrusions within a range of 1.1 meters/3.6 feet. 

Fencing Solutions

Solar Fencing Solutions

Solar fencing systems use solar energy to power electric fences that prevent intruders or animals from entering or exiting the property. These solutions provide security and protection for various domestic, agricultural, or industrial premises. These solutions work wonders if integrated with other surveillance systems like security alarms or CCTVs. 

At Unicel, we provide a wide range of solar-powered electric fence equipment to manage livestock and wild animals. We have designed cost-effective, easy to set up, and durable solar fencing solutions that can even work in harsh weather conditions.

Solar fencing solutions provide comfort of easy installation and low maintenance. These fencing systems use solar power which enables them to last longer with minimal maintenance and repair. It also reduces the need for conventional fencing methods that use wood, metal, or concrete. Hence, solar fencing solutions are eco-friendly options to save a property from intrusion.    


Fibre/GSM Fencing Solutions

A fiber/GSM Fencing Solution is a fence system created using fiber or GSM. This system creates a secure and reliable parameter around the property or the area.

Fiber fencing solutions use fiber optic cables that help detect any intrusion. This fencing is suitable for premises with high-security requirements like military bases, Airports, power plants, etc.

GSM Solutions are wireless models and are suitable for remote locations like warehouses, construction sites, etc. 

We offer top-notch IoT-based fiber and GSM-integrated electric fence equipment solutions that will enhance your perimeter security like never before. Our products are designed to protect you and your property from threats and are verified by our experts. 

Physcial/Body Scanning

Physical/Body scanning is a security solution that can scan or detect offensive or threatening objects under a person’s clothing or body. These security solutions are used in Aviation, law enforcement, military sectors, etc. X-ray scanners and Infrared scanners are some of the most common types of physical/body scanning security solutions. 

X-Ray Baggage Scanner

X-ray baggage scanners inspect the content of parcels, packages, etc. These scanners can help the operator analyze and identify suspicious or prohibited items. 
These scanners help prevent a threat to safety and security by detecting offensive objects such as weapons, explosives, drugs, etc. X-ray Baggage scanners facilitate high-image performance and accuracy with the help of different features like dual and 3D views. 
These scanners also provide a sense of security and safety to travelers by preventing any manual access or tampering with their belongings. 
We offer you a range of X-ray screening solutions for different safety and security needs. We have portable X-ray scanners to inspect small objects like parcels, packages, bags, personal items, etc. We also provide checkpoint scanners for inspecting backpacks, suitcases, purses, luggage, etc.

Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are security solutions that can detect any metallic objects concealed under a person’s clothing or body. These metallic detectors receive electromagnetic waves that create disturbance and produce audio or video signal to alert the operator of any suspicious metallic object. 
These can be hand-held metal detectors, walk-through metal detectors, door-frame metal detectors, and temperature-monitoring metal detectors. Environment safety is one of our major concerns. Therefore, we have world-class solutions to meet your specific needs. Our metal detectors are easy to install and transport and are perfect to screen guests at various locations and events. 

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