Servo Stabilizer

A servo stabilizer functions as an electrical apparatus designed to control and maintain a consistent voltage supply for electrical equipment and appliances. It operates as a voltage regulator, particularly when there are fluctuations or changes in the input voltage originating from the primary power source.

Voltage fluctuation is a common issue in many electrical systems due to power grid irregularities, sudden load changes, or operating machinery with heavy power loads. Voltage fluctuations can lead to equipment malfunction, reduced efficiency, and even permanent damage. Servo stabilizers work continuously to monitor the input voltage and adjust the output voltage accordingly to ensure the optimal power range. 

Why use Uniwave Servo Stabilizers?

-Voltage regulation: Our servo stabilizers provide stable and constant output voltage during fluctuations.

-Protection: Uniwave servo stabilizers are very efficient in protecting your sensitive equipment from surges and sags.

-Enhanced performance: Helps the electronic devices operate more efficiently and reliably.

-Uniwave Servo Stabilizers are suitable for a wide range of applications. Be it a critical medical equipment, a sensitive laboratory instrument, industrial machinery, or electric appliances in your office, our stabilizers are designed to meet your specific requirements.

With the perfect load capacity, input voltage range, and accuracy, Uniwave Servo stabilizers are engineered to provide the highest level of voltage stability and protection for your valuable equipment.

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