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Installation Material

Fixtures & Poles

Solar LED fixtures and poles are used for various applications such as street lighting, garden lighting, security lighting, emergency lighting, etc. 

Our exclusive range of high-quality poles for solar LED lights and other applications can cater to all your installation requirements. We lay most of our emphasis on the quality of our products. Our products are designed following the warrantee and quality standards to drive the best customer experience. 

These are reliable lighting solutions as they are consistent during power outages or bad weather conditions. These fixtures and poles provide great flexibility as they can be installed anywhere in remote places or hard-to-reach areas. 

Solar LED fixtures and poles are cost-effective lighting solutions. They need less installation, maintenance, and replacement costs. 

With a mission to save the environment from deteriorating, we aim to deliver the best solar LED lighting fixtures and poles to enhance the sustainability of the upcoming generation. 

Project Consumables

Electrical Switchgears

Electrical Switchgears control and protect electrical circuits and equipment. These devices play a significant role in the safety and reliability of electrical power systems. These switchgears can detect and interrupt faults and prevent cascading failures by maintaining power quality and stability. 

These can be of two types:

  • Low voltage switchgear: It includes circuit breakers, switches, fuses, and relays. 
  • Medium voltage switchgear: These include vacuum circuit breakers; gas insulated switchgear, air-insulated switchgear, etc. 

At Unicel, we offer a wide range of electrical switchgear from leading brands such as Schneider, L&T, Legrand, C&S, and more. Our switchgear products cover all ratings of MCBs and other devices to ensure safety and reliability.

Tools & Machinery

Hardware Tools (Solar And Power)

Solar and power hardware tools are used for installing, maintaining, and repairing solar and power systems. You can ensure proper cleaning, connection, and protection of devices and their components with the help of these hardware tools. These tools also help enhance the performance of solar and power devices by providing scope for regular maintenance. 

At Unicel, we offer a comprehensive range of hardware tools for your solar and power projects. Whether you need grass-cutting machines for solar application, solar panel cleaning machines, or any other specialized equipment, we have it all.

Fire Safety

Fire safety equipment help prevent, detect and extinguish fire and save people and property from fire hazards. It includes fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, fire hydrants, and fire safety gloves or shoes etc.

Do you need reliable and high-quality fire safety equipment for commercial or residential purposes, look no further than Unicel. We have several fire safety products to suit your needs and budget. From fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, sand buckets with stands, to fire safety gloves/shoes, we have got you covered for everything.

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