Online UPS

An online UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) is a power protection device that provides uninterrupted, high-quality electrical power to the connected device or equipment even during power fluctuations, surges or complete power outages. Sensitive electronic devices, data centers, industrial equipment, critical systems require a stable and continuous power source which an online UPS can provide. 

An essential characteristic of an Online UPS is its continuous “online” mode of operation. In this mode, the connected devices are consistently supplied power by the UPS’s inverter. The inverter transforms incoming AC power into DC power and subsequently converts it back to AC power, maintaining this process irrespective of the quality or reliability of the incoming utility power.

-Our online UPS offer highest level of protection against power irregularities. 

-It provides continuous power supply since the inverter is always operational.

-Our online UPS are scalable as they are available in different sizes, from small office setups to large data centers. 

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