BTS Installation Products

Networking Products

Our exclusive range of networking products offers you efficient and unparalleled network power. From Cat5/Cat6 cables and patch cords to routers and switches, we have everything you need to connect and communicate. Whether you need chrone boes, chrone modules, communication racks, patch panels, modems, IPM’s back-mount frames, or AC/DC power supplies, we have got you covered. 

Waterproofing Kits​

Our wide range of waterproofing solutions is best to protect your exposed or buried telecommunication connectors and supplies from moisture. The kit includes butyl tapes and plastic tapes available in different sizes as per your requirements. 

Hardware/ Electrical Items

Our exceptional range of hardware and electrical items is best to deliver you a high-quality experience. We offer several hardware and electrical products like electrical cables, MCBs, AC/DC distribution boxes, fuse panels, DCDB, switches, earthing material, busbars, nuts, bolts, screws and washers, cable trays, ladders, saddles, cage nuts and many more.

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