BTS Installation Products

Cold shrink Tube

Cold shrink tubes are a revolutionary solution for cable and connector insulation. Unlike traditional heat shrink tubing that requires heat application for installation, cold shrink tubes simplify the process by eliminating the need for heat guns or other equipment. These tubes are made from a specially formulated rubber material that contracts or shrinks when the supporting core is removed.


Tapes play a vital role in site installation material, offering a versatile and reliable solution for various applications. From electrical work to construction projects, these tapes provide essential functions such as insulation, bundling, and securing. Electrical tapes are commonly used to insulate wires and cables, providing a protective barrier against electrical currents and preventing potential hazards.

Cable Ties

Cable ties, also known as zip ties or wire ties, are indispensable tools in organizing and securing cables, wires, and various objects. Comprising a durable and flexible nylon strap with an integrated locking mechanism, cable ties provide a quick and efficient solution for bundling, fastening, and tidying up cables in a wide range of applications. These versatile ties come in various lengths and strengths, accommodating different needs, from small cable management tasks to heavy-duty industrial applications.


Lugs, also known as cable lugs or wire lugs, are crucial components in electrical systems, facilitating secure and reliable connections between electrical conductors and equipment. These metal connectors are designed to be attached to the ends of cables or wires, creating a sturdy interface for linking the electrical circuit. Available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different cable gauges and applications, lugs are typically made of materials like copper or aluminum, known for their excellent conductivity.

Feeder Clamps

Feeder clamps are indispensable accessories in the field of telecommunications and power distribution, designed to securely fasten coaxial or feeder cables to support structures such as masts, towers, or walls. These clamps provide a reliable and organized solution for the installation of cables, ensuring stability, proper alignment, and efficient signal transmission.

Weather Proofing Kits

Our wide range of waterproofing solutions is best to protect your exposed or buried telecommunication connectors and supplies from moisture. The kit includes butyl tapes and plastic tapes available in different sizes as per your requirements. 


Conduits are essential components in electrical and telecommunications systems, serving as protective pathways for cables and wires. These tubular structures are designed to shield and organize wiring, safeguarding it from environmental factors such as moisture, abrasion, and physical damage. Constructed from materials like PVC, metal, or flexible conduit materials, conduits provide a versatile solution for routing and enclosing electrical conductors.

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