FTTH Products

FTTH Products are fiber-to-home technology solutions that deliver high speed and other services over optical fibers. These solutions meet the diverse needs and requirements of FTTH service providers.

FTTH products support higher bandwidths, lower latencies, longer distances, lower costs, and lower power consumption. 


Fiber management boxes (FMS) organize and manage fiber optic cables and connections in a network. These boxes can be mounted on a wall or rack and support several fiber optic network connectors. These boxes help prevent damage loss and interference in the performance of fiber optic networks.

Unicel offers a wide range of fiber management system boxes ranging from fiber racks to routers. We are your one-stop solution for FMS/ LIU Boxes:

-Comprising FMS Boes with 12 Fiber to 288 Fiber sizes

– Rackmount/Wall Mount Connectors – SC/PC


– E2000

Choose our FMS/ LIU boxes and safeguard your FTTH products.


PLC Cessette Splitters

These mini cassette type PLC fiber optic splitter is with plug-in-play design which enables fast deployment of fibers without splicing machine. The mini plug-in type passive splitter can save time and space but still provides reliable protection for the fiber optic cable. The Cassette PLC fiber optic splitter is usually installed in the wall mount FTTH box for fiber optical signal distribution.

ABS Fiber Optic Splitter

This PLC fiber optic splitter has a plastic ABS box that provides multiple protection for inner optical components and cables. It is with 1 input fiber and 2/4/8/16/32 outport etc. fibers designed for easy and reliable installation. The ABS box PON splitter is small but with relatively large volumes, and it can be used to splitting the signal directly. The ABS box module PLC fiber optic splitter is mainly used for various connections over outdoor fibre distribution boxes or network