Racks & Cabinets

Open Frame Racks

Open-frame server racks do not have sides or doors. They mount IT equipment and cables with the convenience of easy access and airflow. 

These racks are flexible and adaptable to different requirements and needs. Depending on the space, open-frame server racks can be floor-standing or wall-mounted. 

Floor-standing racks require more space but can hold more equipment and weight. 

Wall-mounted racks can save floor space and provide easy access. 

Unicel provides perfect equipment mounting solutions catering to your needs and requirements. Our open-frame server racks come in different shapes and sizes with two and four-post options for efficient solutions. 

Closed Cabinets​

Closed server cabinets are racks with doors or panels to store servers and IT equipment. 

-They provide security, protection, and better organization for the servers and network devices. 

-They provide the benefit of locking them to prevent unauthorized access and tampering. 

-They look professional and protect from dust, dirt, moisture, pests, and other environmental factors. 

Our enclosed server racks, also known as telecommunications enclosures can meet all mounting requirements. With these super-effective solutions, we help you protect your electrical cabling and other equipment from dangerous external environments. 

Wall-Mounted Racks

Wall-mounted server racks are enclosed racks designed to mount on a wall. These racks store networking and electrical equipment like servers, switches, routers, patch panels, etc.

At Unicel, we have an exclusive range of mount rack structures that can be mounted on a wall, under a desk, or in another space as per your choice. These racks have:

-welded frames with integrated side panels 

-a vented top cover 

-a front glass door 

-Lock and a key provision 

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