Unicel has designed Uniwave vertical to supply top-notch quality power products. It has products ranging from solar panels, power boosters, and servo stabilizers to Electronic vehicle chargers, etc.

  • Uniwave solar panels: Uniwave solar panels are best to power your home with something that is both economical and environment friendly. Solar power is a limitless energy source with low operating costs and great savings on your electricity bills.
  • Uniwave power booster: Uniwave power booster is best suited for telecom sites that operate with low voltage conditions. It is an ideal choice for remote areas where the voltage fluctuates below 90V between lines and neutral leading to instability and inefficiency. Uniwave power booster enhances the voltage from 155V (L-L) to 250V, ensuring that the site operates within the optimal voltage range of the installed power system.
  • Uniwave Servo Stabilizers: These are the ultimate choice for managing voltage fluctuations. These devices help protect expensive and sensitive appliances from being damaged due to high voltage surges and spikes.
  • Uniwave has a wide range of electronic vehicle chargers that power up your vehicles expeditiously. We cater to your all-time needs. Whether you want to charge your vehicle at your home or parking areas, we have super-functional EV chargers so that nothing comes your way to stop you from moving ahead. 

We always strive to offer you innovative and sustainable power generation and management solutions. We have designed these products to cater to the unique needs of our customers from various sectors like telecom, residential, commercial, and industrial. Our products are reliable, affordable, and cost-efficient. Delivering high-quality products and services creates valuable results for us and our customers. 

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