Solar Solutions

Solar power is the base of a sustainable future. It is the best way to lead an economical and environment-friendly life. Solar panels are always the best choice to light up your place by harnessing clean and renewable solar energy. 

How our solar solutions can benefit you?

  • Our super functional, high-quality solar panels can help you save money on your rising electricity bills. 
  • Our solar solutions are eco-friendly and carbon–free. While using solar power, there is no emission of harmful gases or air pollutants that otherwise can contribute adversely to climate change and health problems in human beings. With solar for your power needs, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve the planet and valuable resources for future generations.
  • Our solar panels can add great value to your property. These increase the value of your property by making it energy-efficient and sustainable for the future. 
  • We ensure you the long-term performance and reliability of our solar panels. Our products have long-performance warranties that guarantee the best output and quality.
  • Solar panels can be installed anywhere on your rooftop or garden with the availability of enough sunlight. It also protects you against the hindrance of power blackouts or blockages which otherwise can be a usual issue with other power sources.

We at Unicel, do not only offer solar solutions for your home or office space but also provide you with the best solar farm irrigation solutions. Our excellent solar pumping solutions can secure your apparatus with super-effective pumping applications like BLDC Solar AC, Solar AC DC hybrid pump, and high-capacity solar pumping. We also aid you with post-installation issues with our expert operations and maintenance services.  

Promote energy independence and security with us and contribute to the environment. Adapt our reliable, affordable, sustainable solar solutions today for a beautiful tomorrow. 

Solar Farm Irrigation

Upgrade your solar farm irrigation with our solar pumping solutions. We secure your apparatus with our pumping applications including solar BLDC, solar AC, Solar AC DC hybrid pump, high-capacity solar pumping. We also aid your after-effect woes with operations and maintenance services.

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