EV Charging Solutions

In this era of advancement and modernization, the transportation sector has witnessed a shift in terms of technology and advancement. In today’s time, electric vehicles like electric two-wheelers, battery E-rickshaws, and electric cars, buses are becoming more popular and sustainable choices over conventional modes of transport. Our excellent EV charging solutions enable EV Owners to charge their vehicles conveniently and efficiently. 

Residential Charging Solution

Business or residential needs, we always come to your rescue in a flash. Our ultra-fast chargers for your personal vehicles serve you expeditiously. Unicel also caters to your parking charging station needs, so that you have to stop at nothing.

Do you know what makes our EV Charging solutions a top-notch choice among our customers?

  • Fast and efficient EV chargers: Our exceptionally excellent EV chargers are fast and efficient. The best benefits are convenience, satisfaction, and conservation of time and money. 
  • Smart and connected: EV owners can enjoy many features such as remote access, load balancing, etc. It enhances the user experience and boosts the performance and efficiency of the chargers. 
  • Eco-friendly: Our electronic vehicle (EV) chargers are eco-friendly as there is no dependence on fossil fuels like gas or petrol. It contributes to the protection of the environment and society at large.
  • Innovative and creative: Our high-quality EV Chargers are innovative and contribute to the development of new products and services and create positive social and environmental impact in society. 

Whether you need EV chargers at home or work, our super-fast EV chargers will always keep you going. We also cater to your parking charging station needs, so nothing can stop you from moving ahead.

If you want your every ride to be eco-friendly, efficient, and equally exciting, switch to electric vehicles today and do not stress about the charging infrastructure. Unicel has your back now and then with its best range of EV charging solutions that can charge your EV anytime, anywhere, and anyhow.  

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