Fencing Solutions

Solar Fencing Solutions

Solar fencing systems use solar energy to power electric fences that prevent intruders or animals from entering or exiting the property. These solutions provide security and protection for various domestic, agricultural, or industrial premises. These solutions work wonders if integrated with other surveillance systems like security alarms or CCTVs. 

At Unicel, we provide a wide range of solar-powered electric fence equipment to manage livestock and wild animals. We have designed cost-effective, easy to set up, and durable solar fencing solutions that can even work in harsh weather conditions.

Solar fencing solutions provide comfort of easy installation and low maintenance. These fencing systems use solar power which enables them to last longer with minimal maintenance and repair. It also reduces the need for conventional fencing methods that use wood, metal, or concrete. Hence, solar fencing solutions are eco-friendly options to save a property from intrusion.    


Fibre/GSM Fencing Solutions

A fiber/GSM Fencing Solution is a fence system created using fiber or GSM. This system creates a secure and reliable parameter around the property or the area.

Fiber fencing solutions use fiber optic cables that help detect any intrusion. This fencing is suitable for premises with high-security requirements like military bases, Airports, power plants, etc.

GSM Solutions are wireless models and are suitable for remote locations like warehouses, construction sites, etc. 

We offer top-notch IoT-based fiber and GSM-integrated electric fence equipment solutions that will enhance your perimeter security like never before. Our products are designed to protect you and your property from threats and are verified by our experts. 

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