Haryana Irrigation Project

Unicel Corporation is a leading company in providing solar energy solution to various market segments. In pursuit of working on Green Energy, Unicel is working with the Command Area Development Authority (CADA), Kurukshetra, and Kaithanl in Haryana.  Villages like Bataur, Masana, Khanpur Koliyan, Teora, Pabnawa, Habri and Karora are being served with  Solar-powered micro-irrigation systems. Unicel take pride in offering these systems to CADA and playing its role for a greener earth.  
This project is for using surplus water from overflowing ponds in villages for irrigation to reduce usage of groundwater for the purpose. By adopting these methods, new areas has been brought under irrigation with optimum utilization of available surplus water. Expenditure on electricity and diesel of farmers  will reduce, while the yield will increase as nutrient-rich water will be supplied. Water that was otherwise going waste will now be put to good use and huge expenditure on deepening of bores and power will also be saved.

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