Next-Gen Connectivity: Dive into the World of FTTH Solutions

In a world where every click, stream, and download is fueled by the need for speed and efficiency, Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) solutions stand as the unsung heroes of connectivity. There is always a need for a robust and reliable internet connection, whether for virtual meetings or high-definition entertainment. 

Therefore FTTH has evolved as a step forward in the realm of network connectivity. From the promise of lightning-fast speeds to the seamless integration of smart homes, FTTH is redefining the way we live, work, and play. 

From 2014 to 2020, India witnessed a remarkable surge, with its FTTH user base catapulting from 0.7 million to an impressive 4 million. The projection for the near future is even more astonishing, with estimates pointing towards an astounding 10 million by 2025. The driving force behind this phenomenal growth is the escalating need for high-speed broadband services, a demand that experienced a substantial spike during the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

What are FTTH products?

Fiber-to-the-home or FTTH Products are a range of devices, technologies, and equipment that enable high-speed internet connectivity through fiber optic cables directly to residential premises. Unicel offers premium FTTH products like Patch cords, FMS/ LIU Boxes, Joint enclosures, Home termination boxes, couplers, splitters and adapters, and many more. 

-Patch Cords 

Fiber patch cords are known to be the best choice for applications where conventional cables cannot reach. These cables are terminated with fiber optic connectors like LC, SC, MTRJ, and ST at each end to allow a rapid connection between the patch cord and an optical switch or other telecommunication/computer device. Patch cords provide exceptional reliability, enhanced adaptability, and elevated security.

-Joint enclosure

A joint enclosure serves as a point where optical fibers are either spliced (joined together) or terminated (connected to a connector). It can occur at various stages of the FTTH network, such as where the main distribution cable meets individual distribution cables or where optical fibers enter a building to provide connectivity.

-Home termination box

A home termination box is a fiber optic distribution box that connects the fiber optic cable from the service provider to the customer’s premises. It can be installed inside the home, office, or in any space you want. It provides a connection for the patch cable to connect it to the customer’s router, modem, or phone. 

-FMS/LIU Boxes 

FMS/ LIU boxes are enclosures designed for wall or rack mounting and accommodate multiple connectors for fiber optic networks. They safeguard against potential damage, signal loss, and disruptions that could otherwise impact the efficiency of fiber optic network operations.

-PLC Cassette splitters

PLC Cassette splitters are installed in the wall-mount FTTH box. These are plug-in-play designed splitters capable of fast deployment of fibers without a splicing machine. It is time-savvy and requires minimal space but still provides reliable protection for the fiber optic cable. 

-ABS Fiber optic splitter

ABS Fiber optic splitter comes with a plastic ABS Box that offers multiple protection for inner optical components and cables. Primarily intended for outdoor fiber distribution boxes and networks, the ABS box module PLC fiber optic splitter finds versatile use across various applications. 

-Blockless Fiber optic splitters

This type of splitter has a stainless tube package protecting the optical fiber cable. Its ends are terminated with sc apc connectors to mitigate the risk of fiber splice during fiber installation. These splitters are widely used in PON networks. 

-Fiber patch panels 

Crafted from durable metals, fiber patch panels stand as guardians of precision, providing a secured environment for delicate fiber strands. Within their metallic embrace, connectors and splice trays find themselves optimal, ensuring a safeguarded space for intricate fiber operations.  

-FAT Box

The Fiber Access Terminal (FAT) serves as a versatile hub, offering diverse connection options such as branch and pass-through configurations. Additionally, it efficiently manages the distribution of a substantial number of fibers. Designed with compactness, FATs are both lightweight and feature a robust shell that ensures durability throughout storage, transportation, installation, and operation, regardless of the conditions.


The SFP is a modular transceiver unit that easily slots into an SFP port located on either a network switch or a server. Its primary function is to establish rapid and efficient communication channels connecting pivotal networking components, facilitating seamless data exchange between switches and other critical elements.

What are the benefits offered by our FTTH Products?

-High-speed connectivity

Our FTTH products provide ultra-high-speed internet connectivity. It enables both symmetrical upload and download speeds. It ensures smooth streaming, fast downloads, and lag-free online experiences. 


FTTH products facilitate uninterrupted performance even in adverse weather conditions. These are highly durable and immune to electromagnetic interference. 

-Suitable for multiple devices 

FTTH products are suitable to handle multiple devices simultaneously. These are ideal for households with various smart devices, streaming services, and online activities. 

-Low latency

Applications that require real-time interactions like online gaming and video conferencing require low latency. FTTH products result in more responsive and immersive online experiences with minimal latency issues. 

-Consistent Performance

Unlike traditional cable connections that may experience slowdowns during peak usage times, FTTH products offer consistent performance regardless of network traffic. It ensures that your online activities remain seamless and uninterrupted.

So, FTTH Products are not just devices, they are architects of instantaneous connection. From lightening fast connectivity to unflinching reliability, FTTH products are the champions of your digital dreams. They have introduced a future that is not just a utility, it’s a gateway to boundless possibilities. Contact Unicel today at 8287518483 or 0124 4601506 and explore a wide range of premium FTTH products

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