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To run your business smoothly and efficiently, you need a high-performance network. A fast, reliable, and secure network perfectly caters to your data and communication needs. A poor-performing network results in wasted time, money and leads to dissatisfaction and frustration for both the business and the clients. 

Investing in the appropriate telecommunication solutions can optimize your network efficiency and help you earn a competitive edge. Unicel offers telecom solutions that enhance your network speed, quality, and security. Our telecom solutions include a wide range of BTS Installation products, FTTH products, Cable assemblies, Optic fiber and patch cords, Racks, and cabinets. 

What are Telecommunication solutions?

With the advent of technology, the world saw the use of advanced techniques to help businesses connect and communicate effectively internally and externally. 

Telecommunication solutions are products or services that facilitate the transmission of information by electromagnetic ways such as voice, data, radio, and television signals. These solutions include wired or wireless local and wide area networks, internet and communication services, phone systems, etc.

What are the different telecommunication solutions product?

Telecommunications products range from BTS Installation products to cable assemblies, racks, and cabinets.

BTS Installation Products

BTS installation products are the equipment used for installing base transceiver stations that facilitate wireless communication between the users’ equipment and a network. These products are essential for setting up and maintaining telecommunication networks. 

Unicel has a wide range of best BTS installation products that include:

  • Networking products: Our top-notch range of networking products includes Cat5/Cat6 Cables, patch panels and cords, communication racks, routers, switches, modems, chrone boes, chrone modules, IPM’ back mount frames, and AC/DC Power supplies. 
  • Weatherproofing kits: Weatherproofing kits provide moisture protection for the connectors and supplies. Our weatherproofing kits include butyl and plastic tapes to provide the best protection from moisture and other weather conditions. 
  • Hardware/Electrical items: Hardware items are crucial for BTS installation. These items include electrical cables, fuse panels, DCDB, switches, earthing material, busbars, nuts, bolts, screws, washers, etc. 

FTTH Products

FTTH (Fiber to the home) products are telecommunication components used to build and operate FTTH networks like broadband services over optical fiber cables.

These products offer higher bandwidth, enhanced data speed, better connectivity, and lower maintenance costs. 

It includes:

  • FMS/LIU Boxes like fiber racks, fiber routers, rack mount or wall mount connectors, etc.
  • Couplers, splitters, and adapters: We provide passive FTTH products curated with the consideration of safety and security for better usage. Our world-class range includes PLC Splitters, single-mode couplers, multimode couplers, etc. 

Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies are telecommunication products used to connect components, sub-systems, and equipment. Our exceptional range of cable assemblies includes ethernet and specialized cables, RF, and coaxial cables. 

  • Our best Ethernet cables can deliver you the best experience with a wide range of Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables with different shapes, sizes, and colors. These facilitate flawless installations and a reliable internet connection for the users. 
  • Innovation and technology make the best combination when used for creating and catering specialized cable assembly solutions like HDMI Cable, SMA/QMA, BNC to SMB, BNC to BNC cable assemblies, shielded/unshielded with PVC and PE insulation, etc.
  • Unicel offers the finest range of RF and coaxial cables in different sizes and strengths – 7/8”, 1/2” flex and super flex, and LMR 300/400 with associated RF Jumpers.

Optic Fibre & Patch Cords

Optic fiber and patch cords are single-mode simplex, duplex, and multiplex cables. We have the finest single-mode simplex cables for one-way data transfer applications. 

Our multimode simplex and duplex fiber cables are designed with care to facilitate bi-directional data transfer. 

Our super-effective armoured cables give protection against rodent attacks and are a perfect choice for outdoor applications. These cables help to supply mains electricity in underground systems and cable ducting. 

Racks & Cabinets

Racks and cabinets are crucial components of telecommunication infrastructure. These racks and cabinets provide safe and secured storage for various networking equipment such as servers, switches, routers, etc. 


Unicel offers :

  • Open frame racks that allow easy maintenance and come in different options for sizing to suit your requirements.
  • Closed cabinets are the perfect choice to store your telecommunication components that help protect your electrical components from external dangers.
  • Wall-mounted racks: Wall-mounted racks can be mounted on a wall or anywhere as per your need. Our meticulously designed wall-mounted racks come with welded frames, integrated side panels, a vented top cover, and a front glass door with a lock provision.

Choosing the right telecommunication solutions for your business is a crucial decision that requires considering different factors like network assessment, reliability and speed, scalability and flexibility, security measures, support, and maintenance.

 Effective and high-end telecommunication solutions are crucial for any business to keep pace with this fast and dynamic era of digitization and technology advancements. Well-managed telecom products and services help in the effective transmission of information. Telecom products like BTS installation, FTTH, Cable assemblies, etc., provide benefits that make these a suitable choice for enhancing the performance of your network. 

As you can see, telecom solutions meet your network needs and help you achieve your business goals. Whether you need BTS installation products, FTTH products, or cable assemblies, we have the best quality and variety.Choose our advanced telecom solutions that give you a reliable and unparalleled network experience. 

Contact us today at 8287518483, 0124 4601506, and get the best telecom solutions. 

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