Modernize and Innovate Your Business with our Advanced Infrastructure Solutions

Modernization and innovation are the two prominent factors that play a significant role in the success of any business. Do you think it is possible to achieve these benchmarks without compromising performance, security, or efficiency? Yes, it is possible through advanced infrastructure solutions. Advanced infrastructure solutions are services that help optimise your infrastructure project by making it more agile, scalable, and flexible. With our advanced infrastructure solutions, you can modernise your business processes and initiate and innovate solutions that can help you earn a competitive edge.

By integrating the latest technology and robust security measures, our advanced solutions empower your organization to unleash the full potential of the digital age.

What are the infrastructure solutions offered by Unicel?

Unicel offers state-of-the-art infrastructure solutions that help you achieve an uninterrupted experience in telecom and green energy projects. These also pave the way for a sustainable and technologically advanced future.

Our infrastructure solutions include

Telcom Infrastructure Buildout

In the telecom sector, we cover a wide spectrum, including tower installation, network optimization, and advanced communication systems, to deliver seamless communication services and connectivity to users. Furthermore, our telecom infrastructure solutions encompass the deployment of fiber optic networks, which provide high-speed and reliable internet connectivity to businesses and communities.

From surveying and planning to ensuring efficient data transmission, our comprehensive approach helps you unleash and achieve limitless possibilities. At present, India is estimated to have an overall telecom density of 93.61 %, of which majority is in urban areas. Telecom towers enabled a significant expansion of telecom services in the country. India accounts for around 4,50,000 telecom towers, of which only 20–25% are fiberized.

Solar Infra Buildout

We follow best practices and ensure safe standards in creating highly efficient and stable solar power plants, thereby doing our part to encourage a cleaner and greener environment. From solar power solutions for telecom towers and off-grid installations to smart energy management systems, we help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and achieve sustainability.

Our solar infrared buildout solutions include the design, installation, and maintenance of solar power systems. The solar power industry is witnessing fast growth in India. On average, India has nearly 40 major solar power plants. Some are located in Rajasthan, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. As per reports for 2021, India was ranked fourth globally in generating power by solar. As of May 31, 2023, India’s installed solar capacity is estimated to be around 67.82 GWAC.


EPC refers to engineering, procurement, and construction. It relates to the full lifecycle of a project, from procurement to completion, where the infrastructure contractor is responsible for all key phases. Unicel offers the best in-house design, procurement, and installation services to enhance your user experience. It refers to infrastructure projects like power plants, roads, bridges, etc. Unicel offers EPC services for solar and telecom infrastructure projects with quality assurance, timely delivery, and competitive pricing.

Why choose Unicel Infrastructure Solutions?

Unicel provides end-to-end solutions for various telecom and solar infrastructure projects in India. We have served several developing and leading businesses from sectors including public, private, and government organizations. Our worthy clientele includes Vodafone Idea Ltd., HFCL, Reliance Jio, Airtel, and many others.

-Reduced cost

Cut down on your capital and operational expenses to increase your return on investment. Our hi-tech solutions leveraging virtualization, automation, and cloud computing can help you achieve the desired goals. At Unicel, we are committed to converting our passion into perfection and leaving no stone unturned for the best outcome.

-Increased security

We implement best practices and standards that comply with regulatory requirements to protect your data and assets from potential threats and risks. Setting and complying with certain standards helps secure your infrastructure by covering aspects such as identity and access management, encryption, firewalls, logging, incident response, etc.

-Enhanced performance 

Optimizing your infrastructure with our advanced infrastructure solutions helps you configure your appliances or infrastructure for better response time, throughput, and quality and reduces latency and downtime.

-Faster innovation 

Our high-end solar infra buildout and telecom infra buildout solutions foster creativity and innovation and make your business go smoother, more efficient, and more sustainable. Leveraging advanced infrastructure solutions at your operations will also help you earn a competitive edge and perform better than others in the industry.

We work with a holistic approach to provide you with infrastructure solutions for telecom, solar, and EPC projects. If you are looking for a reliable partner who can help you with these infrastructure projects, do not wait anymore and contact us right away! With our expertise, experience, and innovation, we can help you improve your performance, efficiency, and security. Contact Unicel today at 8287518483 or 0124 4601506, and unlock new opportunities to take your business to the next level.

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