Revolutionizing Mobility: The Journey of EV Charging Solutions

With each passing year, the wheels of progress are turning and the horizon of transportation is getting reshaped by a powerful force known as Electric vehicles. As the world embraces the need for cleaner, more sustainable mobility, electric vehicles have emerged as the frontiers in the race toward a greener future. Yet, there is a lot to harness in making electronic vehicles, a mainstream choice to interconnect technology and innovation for the vision of a sustainable world. 

Based on some estimates, the approximate number of total Electric vehicles in India accounts for about 13.34 lakh as of July 2022. By 2030, the country is supposed to have an average of 104 million EVs and 2.9 million public charging stations. This scenario shows that in coming years, India will have a peak-level growth in EV Charging infrastructure due to the policies and programs implemented by the government.

The government of India has set up a target to electrify 70% of commercial vehicles, 30% of private cars, and 80 % of two-wheeler and three-wheeler by the year 2030. Unicel as a leading promoter of green energy helps in the government’s mission by providing super-effective and affordable EV Charging solutions. 

From Early Challenges to Sustainable Solutions

When electric vehicles first started gaining attention, they faced several hurdles that hindered their widespread adoption:

-Range of travel

One of the major concerns for a majority of EV buyers was the range of travel. They were worried about the limited distance an EV could travel on a single charge compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.

As challenges evolve, so must the solutions. Over the years, Manufacturers and researchers developed fast-charging technologies that significantly reduced charging times. Level 3 DC fast chargers, for example, can charge an EV up to 80% in around 30 minutes, making long-distance travel more feasible.

-Lack of charging infrastructure

Another concern was the lack of extensive charging infrastructure, people were worried about finding convenient and accessible charging stations which discouraged them to adopt EVs. 

To overcome this challenge, government, private companies, and entrepreneurs invested in expanding the charging infrastructure. Many public charging stations were introduced in urban areas, along highways, workplaces, and residential buildings.

-High initial cost

Initially, electric vehicles were more expensive than traditional vehicles making them less affordable to the general public.

To cope with the issue of high initial costs, the government introduced incentives and subsidies to encourage the adoption of EVs. Under the new GST Scheme, the government reduced the GST rate from 12 % to 5% on Electric vehicles. It also reduced the registration fee for electric vehicles so as to encourage the potential buyers.. 

The Ministry of road transport and Highways allowed minors to be eligible for driving licenses for e-scooters. 

-Limited choice 

In the initial days of electric vehicles, customers had fewer choices which deterred them to get EVs as many people preferred specific features or vehicle types which were not available in electric form. 

However, as the demand for electric vehicles increased, manufacturers started offering a broader range of options, including electric SUVs, crossovers, and luxury vehicles. 

The journey of EV charging has come a long way from facing early challenges to developing sustainable solutions. With the evolution of technology, innovation, and government policies and initiatives, today electrical vehicles are poised to become an ultimate choice. 

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