Fiber Optic Cables: Boost Your Business Performance and Productivity 

In today’s competitive and dynamic market, you need an internet service that matches your business demands. You need high-speed, high-quality, and high-reliability supporting the data-intensive applications that help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and secure your data.

What do you think? Which service or solution can do all this for you? It is fiber optic solutions. These products offer many advantages over traditional copper-based internet services such as faster speeds, lower attenuation, higher capacity, and enhanced reliability. They can prove to be very beneficial to help you boost your business performance and productivity. At present, India has nearly 2.8 million kilometers of fiber network deployed which is targeted to increase up to 5 million kilometers by 2024.  

What are Fiber Optic cables?

Fiber optic cables are cables that leverage technology to transmit data from one location to another using thin strands of glass or plastic. 

These fiber optic cables enable high-speed and high-quality communication networks for various applications, such as telecommunications, internet, television, medical imaging, industrial control, and military operations. The Government of India has launched the BharatNet project as an initiative to provide broadband connectivity to 2.5 lakh gram panchayats through optical fiber. Unicel also contributes to this cause by offering a wide range of high-quality fiber optic cables like Single mode simplex/duplex, Multimode simplex/ duplex cables, and armored cables.    

Why do you need Fiber optic cables?

You may need fiber optic cables because they offer a variety of different benefits:

-Higher bandwidth and faster speed

Bandwidth and speed are two prominent factors that help identify the credibility and performance of a fiber optic network. Fiber optic cables have higher bandwidth and faster speed than copper wires. Fiber optic cables can transmit data as light pulses, which travel faster and farther than electrical signals on copper wires.

-Lower attenuation and higher signal strength

Attenuation and signal strength are two related concepts that affect the quality of a fiber optic network. 

Fiber optic cables have lower attenuation and higher signal strength than copper wires. Copper wires can lose signal strength over distance and be affected by electromagnetic interference, weather conditions, or noise. 

-Greater security and reliability

It is difficult to tap or hack fiber optic cables, unlike copper cables. Fiber optic cables enable the ease of authorization because these solutions use encryption and authentication methods that ensure access to the network and data only by authorized users. 

-Reduced latency and improved quality

Fiber optic cables have lower latency or delay in data transfer than copper wires that can cause lagging or buffering in voice or video applications. Fiber optic cables also have higher quality, or fidelity, than copper wires, that can distort or degrade the signal over distance.

-Higher resistance and durability

Fiber optic cables are durable and have high resistance from electromagnetic interference, lighting strikes, radio frequency interference, and other environmental conditions. Fiber optic cables facilitate the ease of lower energy bills and carbon footprint, as fiber optic products consume less power than copper cable products. 

How to choose the best fiber optic cable provider for your needs?

Choosing the best fiber optic cables requires considering many factors:

-Type and size of your business:

The type and size of your business also matter when choosing the best fiber optic service provider. You may need a simple and affordable fiber optic service if you are running a small business, whereas a large business needs complex and personalized fiber optic services suitably matching its needs and preferences. 

-Quality and availability 

Never overlook the quality of the products you purchase or services you avail. Look for a service provider that offers high-quality products or services. You should also check the availability of that service in your area, as all providers may not deliver to your location.

-Customer support and technical assistance 

Choose a provider that can offer you excellent customer support and technical assistance, as you may encounter issues or problems with your fiber optic service from time to time. 

-The pricing and contract terms

Choose a provider offering transparent pricing and contract terms without hidden charges. It is followed by comparing different plans or packages offered.

How to get started with Unicel fiber optic cables?

You can get started with Unicel fiber optic cables by choosing the right type and size of cable for your needs. Unicel offers a variety of fiber optic cables, such as:

Singlemode Simplex and duplex cables 

These cables have one glass/ fiber and can send light signals only in one direction. They are single-mode simplex cables and are for one-way data transfer applications. 

Single-mode duplex cables have two glass/ fiber strands that can send signals both ways. They are single-mode duplex cables and are used for bidirectional data transmission. They have connectors on both ends that make it easy to plug them into the devices’ fiber optic ports.

Multimode simplex/ duplex cables

Multimode simplex cables are constructed in a zip-cord agreement and used for duplex communication. These are cables that use a 50-micron or 62.5-micron glass core. These facilitate the transformation of information using pulses of light. 

Multimode duplex cables connect network devices for premise installations, multimedia patch panels, military applications, etc.

Our multimode simplex and duplex cables are apt for bi-directional data transfer. 

Armoured fiber optic cables

These are cables that have a protective layer of metal or plastic around the fiber core, which makes them resistant to rodent attacks, mechanical damage, and environmental conditions. They are suitable for outdoor applications, such as telecom infra buildout, solar infra buildout, or security and surveillance.

Unicel offers a wide range of fiber optic cables, such as single mode simplex/duplex, multimode simplex/duplex, armoured, uniwave, and fi-net cables. They can also provide installation and maintenance services for your fiber optic network. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Unicel today at 8287518483, 0124 4601506 and get started with the best fiber optic cables for your business. You will not regret it!

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